Our clients have had lots of success using video to attract new clients. Here are some of the creative ways we’ve used video to get the best results.

#1 – Origin Stories

It’s a proven fact that stories hold our attention. The best way to connect with potential and current customers is through a powerful video that tells your origin story. The origin story of your business tells the customer about where the company has been, where the company is now, and where the company is going in the future. Origin story videos help clients feel like they are a part of your story and build trust very quickly.

#2 – Product/Service Demos

Many products and services have very interesting processes and procedures that make them unique. You can influence potential clients to take action by educating them about the way you make your products or how you deliver your services.  Clients are focused on their outcome, but they do care about unique features that are specific to your company especially if the features can help them get to the outcome in a faster or healthier way.

#3 – Thank You’s

A thank you goes a long way. This is especially true for business owners who are seeking to reduce customer returns and increase client retention. The thank you video is a nice touch in the purchasing process, but this type of video is essential to calm a customer’s doubts after a purchase, which can substantially decrease returns. The primary purpose of the thank you video is to show the customer how much you appreciate them, but an important secondary purpose is to reinforce the customer’s decision to trust you.

#4 – Client Testimonials

The best way to get a client to believe you can help them is by sharing comments from the client’s you’ve helped. Yes, it is important to have these testimonials in writing, but they are much more powerful in a video. Satisfied clients will usually do anything they can do to return the favor, so they are more than willing to tell the world about their experience with you. Testimonials are proven to be extremely effective in attracting potential clients. They are even more effective in video form.

#5 – Training Videos

Your potential clients are looking for someone who is a specialist at solving their particular problem. Providing your target audience with valuable video training that helps them solve a core problem positions you as that specialist. Meal planning companies use this approach by giving away free cooking videos. Potential customers watch the videos and sign up for their expensive meal planning services. Create a how to video that helps your target audience fulfill a core desire and they will become your best customers.

#6 – Exclusive Offers

As you know, one of the best ways to grow a business is with strong offers. Sending notices about exclusive offers to current and potential clients is a quick way to build strong cash flow. The challenge is that your clients are bombarded with so many offers on a daily basis that they may overlook yours. Creating a video that tells your customers about exclusive offers helps you stand above the noise.

#7 – Expert Interviews

We have seen the expert interview approach used successfully in two different ways. The first variation is having someone position you as an expert by interviewing you about a topic that is important to your target audience. This allows you to fully state your position on the topic and position your solution correctly. The second way is by interviewing a celebrity expert in your field. This allows you to provide great content to your audience and makes a connection in your potential client’s minds between you and the celebrity.

The Bottom Line

Video can be a powerful tool that attracts new clients. The best part about video is the variety of ways it can be used to reach your target market. In a world where your potential customers are seeing thousands of marketing messages every day, it’s important for your story to stand out through the power of video.

The Great News

It’s obvious that video is powerful and necessary, but we know that it’s not easy to come up with great video ideas on your own. The creative ways we used video are just some examples of what we’ve done to help our clients generate new business.

We’d like to help you determine if the use of video can help your business grow, so we’ve set aside some time to personally discuss a video marketing strategy with you and give you some ideas that could help you leverage video to make some more money. The video strategy session is 100% complimentary with no strings attached.

Why would we do this?

This is how we attract high level clients. We’ve found that the best way to win your trust is to actually help you. If you find our ideas helpful, you may decide to become a client that very same day, or in the future. This approach ensures that we will give you our best ideas with no risk on your part.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone. You get ideas that will help you make more money from videos and some of the video strategy sessions turn into clients for us.